Our Inspiration

We are driven to keep the uniquely American lifestyle of ranching alive and well, and are inspired by the following principals: Demonstrating patriotic pride with honesty, integrity, loyalty, courage, compassion, ingenuity and reliability.


Training Horses: Our Philosophy

We provide an extraordinarily balanced life for our horses. Socializing and natural grazing offer the mental, physical and emotional balance these exceptional athletes deserve, which is why we turn them out daily. Staying focused on the whole horse by using versatile training methods and allowing for recovery and playtime is essential to honoring their hard work.


Triangle Bar V Ranch Owner

Beverly Vaughn

“Our trainers are remarkable. They bring with them a lifetime of knowledge, compassion, patience and intuition, allowing the horse to easily absorb the training.” – Beverly Vaughn

At age ten when Beverly Vaughn rode her first horse, she was hooked. She loved the freedom and feeling of loping a strong animal in an open field. Prior to the Triangle Bar V Ranch, she owned a horse in her twenties but sold it to complete college. She went on to earn her CPA and start a firm in Durango, Colorado, which she owned for over twelve years. Today, she tends to the ranch and runs the horse operation full-time while also raising her twin boys.

Triangle Bar V Ranch Trainers

Nic Howard – Trainer and Property Manager

“I’m very fortunate to have been able to follow my dream of riding and training horses starting at an early age.”– Nic Howard

Nic Howard’s childhood dream of being a cowboy came early when at the age twelve, he showed reigning horses for the first time. By eighteen, his training profession progressed after being hired by Tim McQuay, a legend and leader in the reining horse and western performance industry. Through this encounter, Nic not only learned  new training methods, but also the business side of teaching, working with customers and managing a staff. This six-year experience provided Nic with a foundation for success. His accomplishments in Reining include being a multiple major event finalist at the NRHA Derby, the NRBC and the NRHA Futurity with lifetime earnings of $26,000. His calm demeanor and natural ability with reading horses is well-respected by all those around him.

Mission Statement

Triangle Bar V Ranch is an industry leader in the Reined Cow Horse world, bringing excellence in raising, training and showing Reined Cow Horses. The Triangle Bar V horses are highly sought-after regional, national and world champions.

We take great pride in maintaining the impeccable beauty of the ranch facilities, properly caring for the ranch and equipment and cultivating a fun and safe environment.

Vision Statement

It is our philosophy and commitment to breed, raise and train impeccable Rein Cow Horses. We maintain a select string of World Champion Quarter Horses, and we are committed to transforming our respected and recognized brand into a legacy.

We have built an extraordinary ranch and demand the highest level of care for our horses and property. The Triangle Bar V team is founded on principles of professionalism, respect and communication and is comprised of loyal, caring individuals who are invested in the ranch’s success.